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Earn an online security degree with a PhD in Strategic Security or other protection degree

Distance learning is a reality. Many higher education institutions offer online courses and complete online degrees. In fact, distance education is so popular that during the 2006-2007 academic year, two-thirds of universities offered some form of distance education. During the 2006-2007 academic year, there were an estimated 11,200 college-level programs offered online. Distance learning is the norm most, and as the community is moving faster, online learning is likely to be heavily dependent.

Consider more facts. Asynchronous distance learning was the most widely used instructional delivery method. Accordingly, most people logged in to the class at times other than their classmates or professor. This flexibility to attend the class is an important convenience that allows many people to attend the class while attending their other responsibilities. In fact, the flexibility offered by online education was the main reason why most students (68%) enrolled in online education during the 2006-2007 school year. The second most popular reason for enrolling in online classes is access to college education. Students who could not attend classes, presumably due to family or professional responsibilities, were able to attend due to online delivery. As such, distance education is not only intellectually stimulating but is practical.

Attending distance learning programs translates into real gains. In a survey of universities accredited by the Distance Learning and Training Council (DETC), 85% of supervisors rated DETC graduates as having better working skills and 92% indicated that they were willing to hire an employee or upgrade an employee who completed an online degree. Furthermore, the student received a high degree of personal satisfaction with the degree program as 99% of students rated their degree program as adequate or superior, and 94% indicated that they would recommend their degree program to an acquaintance. Distance learning can therefore be understood as delivering tangible results.

As noted above, there are many distance learning opportunities. In fact, with 11,200 online programs to choose from, finding the right fit might not be easy. Personal interests and professional aspirations, to name a few, are likely to be the key determinants in choosing an online degree program. An individual interested in obtaining an online security degree can complete a PhD in Strategic Security or another degree of protection. The PhD in Strategic Security is one of its kind because it simultaneously has a degree of protection, a degree of intelligence, and a degree of counter-terrorism. It's already a strategy. The PhD in Strategic Security comprises a wide range of disciplines and is designed to provide professionals in the field, or those seeking to enter the field, professional understanding, and career improvement.

Online security enhances its marketability because it is unique. In fact, among the 11,200 online programs, only a few can call a degree of protection and only one PhD in Strategic Security can be called. A student with a degree in this type can expect improvement in work and potential progress. The student can also expect to be satisfied with the increase in knowledge and skill.

There are many distance learning programs. However, only a few focus on strategic security and protection. The student can position himself in a unique position to raise pay, progress and personal improvement through an online degree of safety.

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