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The best online universities for engineering

Register for an online engineering program and get a career that applies science and mathematics to everyday human needs, from plumbing repairs to the design of an office building. A bachelor's or master's degree in engineering prepares students online to test, develop and repair products that help the community work properly.

An online university education in engineering can give you the knowledge and skills necessary for your career success while giving you the freedom to take courses in your time from the comfort of your own home. With an online program, you may be able to earn your degree faster, continue to work full-time, save money on tuition and transportation fees, and create your own schedule.

Many online universities offer engineering degrees, although each of their programs is unique. To help narrow your search, we've created a list of some of the best online universities for engineering.

The best online universities for engineering

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is ​​very popular in software engineering. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology / Software Engineering (BSIT / SE) at the College of Information Systems and Technology focuses on the principles of software application development. The program uses innovative digital materials with a curriculum designed to provide the competencies, skills and attitudes needed to succeed in the workplace. The courses focus on systems analysis and design, computer programming, database development, network technologies, information systems security, web technologies and project planning.

Walden University

Walden University offers a master's degree in software or systems engineering. These programs are designed for experienced IT professionals who are looking to gain an advanced degree through a systematic and disciplined approach. Both degrees require 33 credits per semester and an average completion time of three to four years.

MS in Software Engineering provides students with experience in the latest software development theories and engineering principles focused on the design, testing, implementation and maintenance of software engineering process. Students can choose to take general program courses or specialize in their degrees in design, management, project management, quality, testing, or self-design.

The MSc at Walden University in Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to easily create their study focus by choosing from electives to suit specific interests. Courses include systems engineering and analysis, optimization, testing and reliability, and engineering management.

University of Devry

The University of Diverse offers numerous online bachelors and master's degrees in engineering. DeVry's online certification allows students to receive comprehensive education through a comprehensive online platform, including a virtual library, e-course materials, web-based study tools, and live chat with instructors and students.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology from the University of Devry provides students with the skills to create advanced electronics such as mobile phones, equipment, medical, industrial and security products. This program requires nine full-time semesters with 139 credits.

According to their website, "Nearly one-third of electronics engineering students in ASEE programs recognized in North America earn their degrees at the University of Devry. A bachelor's degree in electronics engineering requires nine full-time semesters with 139 credit hours.

The MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Devry focuses on advanced technical design and practical training skills in accordance with the recommendations of the National Cooperative for Education Reform in Engineering Graduate Studies. This certification program is offered online only and can be obtained in less than one year if the classes are taken throughout the year.

Strier University

The Master of Science in Information Systems with a concentration in Software Engineering Management is offered at Strayer University. According to its website, the program stresses “the technical, administrative and policy problems associated with building computer-based systems that support modern organizations. This program has the most background needed to become a Certified Computer Professional (CCP). At least 54 total credit hours are required to obtain a master's degree in information systems.

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